My name is Kim Kelly and I’m the “Kelly” of Kelly Organizing. I’m a wife and homeschool mom turned professional organizer.

My background as a public school art and English teacher started me off on the path to organizing as a means of survival.  I simultaneously managed two classrooms, materials and preparation for five different classes taught each day, and about a ton of art supplies–all before I could even think about actually teaching!

My subsequent years as a homeschool mom have further impressed upon me the ongoing necessity of organization, while presenting me with ever-changing Photo on 11-13-16 at 12.28 PMorganizational challenges.

I, like you, have often struggled to make sense of my spaces and belongings, especially following major life transitions or times of family crisis.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that I get great satisfaction from “putting the pieces back together,” not to mention the freedom I feel after a good purge of unnecessary belongings. The only thing better is actually helping others do the same!

Whether you’ve recently experienced a season of transition or crisis, or even if your organizing challenges may be a little more “perennial,” I would love to help.

My goal is to provide for my clients a compassionate, discreet, non-judgmental helping hand –the kind I’ve often wished for!  I have a passion for transforming oppressive, cluttered spaces into tranquil, functional havens, as well as a heart for people who long to make positive changes and need encouragement.

I’m honored each time someone trusts me to be that helping hand and change agent, and I can’t wait to dive in and begin the transformation!